GSA for Brazil since 2003

Alaska Airlines is settled in Seattle – USA. It is the 8th biggest airline company in the United States, transporting more than 17 million passengers per year to more than 95 cities in three countries (USA, Canada and Mexico), with more than 800 daily departures. It has a fleet with 223 airplanes, being 95 of them from the Bombardier family and other 128 from the BOING 737-400-700-800-900 family.


Alaska Airlines needed to increase their revenues and market share in the Brazilian market and, for this reason, they appointed Interamerican Network as their GSA in the country.

Regular engagement with the main players in the tourist trade.

When we started the representation as Alaska Airlines' G.S.A in Brazil, in 2003, the flight revenue was less than USD 300,000 per year.
Since then, we operated in all segments of tourist trade promoting and fostering the services provided by Alaska Airlines, and mainly supporting travel agents and operators with seat blocks and rules regarding baggage, as well as group bookings.
Currently, Alaska Airlines' flight revenue is more than USD 1,100,000, which represents a growth of more than 370%.