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Known as the “State of the Art”, where modern and old are mixed, either in secular monasteries or in the production of fashion clothing, Flanders is an autonomous region of northern Belgium, which includes cities such as Brussels, Bruges, Antwerp and Gent. Once it exudes art, Flanders offers dozens of art museums, photography and concert halls as well as musical and cultural festivals, especially in summer, such as Tomorrowland, which attracts visitors worldwide. The cuisine in Flanders is full of starred restaurants in the Michelin guide, but is surely better known by its tradition in chocolates, waffles and of course, beer, offering many bars and tours for breweries where you can taste many different types of especially crafted beers.


VisitFLANDERS on Tomorrowland

To maximize the first Brazilian Edition of the world-famous music festival Tomorrowland and promote the northern region of Belgium.

The VISITFLANDERS participated in the Brazilian edition of the Belgian festival Tomorrowland. With a fun booth, located in the area called Belgian Village, it was possible to promote the destination for the end consumer with activities, such as the application of chocolate tattoos and a place to take pictures with typical objects from Belgium. The images were posted on the Facebook page of VISITFLANDERS in Brazil, what has generated a significant increase of likes. The press received the press release about the action along with the press kit that was made available on the online platform of the Tomorrowland Brasil.

Great exposure of the region for the end consumer and engagement in social networks.