With experienced professionals in crisis communication management in the various segments of tourism, we are ready to assist with agility.

Emirates airline incident with Gol Airlines plane + fire in Dubai

Crisis Management in Brazil

We have provided Corporate Communication services to Emirates Airline for 10 years and, therefore, we have maintained an updated Crisis Plan with a team trained to perform the necessary functions in the event of incidents and accidents involving the airline and its passengers in Brazil. In addition, whenever a news story echoed in the press and generated requests for information and clarification, we provided an agile service, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, always pre-aligned with the airline's Corporate Communication interface, based in Dubai . Two cases we participated in were an accident at Rio de Janeiro's international airport, in which two aircraft - Emirates and GOL - collided without victims; and the fire of an Emirates aircraft at Dubai airport. In both episodes, we received dozens of calls and emails from the press in a short period of time and all requests were answered promptly, which reduced the repercussion of these cases in the Brazilian media.

Las Vegas shooting

Crisis management in Central and South America

The tragic episode in Las Vegas, our client in Central and South America, generated a movement of support for victims and, also, mutual support between the tourism industry and local society in general, which can be considered a case to a tourist destination. These positivity messages were reflected in all the communication built by the LVCVA, which was used reactively with the press in South and Central America and actively in the Brazilian page of Las Vegas on Facebook, which at the time was managed by our office and we took care of all the content, interaction and monitoring. A campaign called #VegasStrong was widely publicized. In a few months, the flow of tourists to the destination had already returned to normal. As part of our role, we supported the regional media with information about the security and status of the destination. All media feedback was done in cooperation with the Las Vegas communications team to ensure that we were all sending the same message, with the same tone and clearing up the same doubts.

Terrorist attack kills Argentine cyclists in New York

Crisis management in Argentina

A car driven by a terrorist ran over a group of tourists and 5 of them were Argentines. Since it was a group of old friends almost 40 years old and they were making this group trip together to celebrate their friendship, the story was very strong in the news. Following strict crisis management policies, we monitored the media, distributed official statements from the city and its authorities, and after the news was released, we started working on pieces highlighting the city as one of the safest in the United States.

Hurricane Irma in Anguilla and St. Maarten

Crisis management in Latin America

Hurricane Irma passed through the Caribbean, deeply affecting the islands of Anguilla and St. Maarten. We immediately worked hard to mitigate the effects of the hurricane and updated the situation for the final consumer and the travel trade. The first step was to help with the search for help and we promptly got Copa Airlines to send an emergency and rescue aircraft to St. Maarten. The second period (Post-Irma Plan) focused on updating the island's conditions and its major reconstruction. The last phase was based on the constant updating of new flights, the opening of hotels and restaurants, services and attractions, using guidelines and distributing press releases. Soon after, we organized a meeting at Copa Airlines headquarters, in Panama, to thank the emergency flight and to discuss new initiatives to promote the islands and Copa flights from South America.

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