Mayra Del Nero

PR & Media Relataions Brazil


With 14 years of experience as Public Relations in the lifestyle, luxury and institutional segments, the senior executive has worked for several communication agencies such as Mkt Mix, Index and Approach, attending renowned international and national clients such as Bentley, IWC, Van Cleef & Arpels, among others. Highlight for the experience in the last six years as public relations for the Accor Group, the world's leading hospitality operator, where you can improve your skills in crisis management, building media plans and influence marketing, managing partnerships and paid content to boost awareness of the company. Her work led the company to receive recognition as one of the Best Companies that Communicate with Journalists, from Negócios da Comunicação in 2021. Being one of the executives to act directly in the communication between the CEO of Accor and the press, led the executive to receive, also by Negócios da Comunicação, the recognition of being one of the 10 CEOs who Best Communicate with Journalists.

Assinatura Smart

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