Representative for South America since 2013

Representative for South America since 1985


Our clients Anguilla and St. Maarten assigned us to lead the Memorandum of Understanding between the three islands - Anguilla, St. Maarten and St. Martin – that was created to boost the number of visitors from South America. Thus, we developed a punctual collaborative project focused on digital and offline campaign.


We created the “The Best of the Caribbean” program, which combines the three islands to reinforce its presence in the media, increase the number of passengers and also to support Copa Airlines flights from South America, via Panama City, to St. Maarten .

The digital campaign was targeted in Argentina, Brazil, Chile and Colombia. We built a hotsite linked to the tour operators' website, so that the final consumer could obtain additional information and purchase a travel package.

The printed campaign was launched in Argentina at La Voz del Interior, Ladevi and Rèport. In Brazil at Mercado & Eventos, Panrotas, Veja São Paulo, Viaje Mais and Viajar Pelo Mundo, in Chile the disclosure took place at GAO, La Gaceta and Ladevi. In Colombia in Travessias (El Tiempo), Ladevi, Rèport, in Panama in Viajar La Prensa, while in Paraguay, the action was made in the Contato Turistico. Finally, in Uruguay, the chosen media were Editorial Turística and Mundo Turístico.

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