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Anguilla is a sophisticated British island in the northwestern Caribbean. The island offers 33 paradisiacal beaches - Shoal Bay has been elected as one of the most beautiful beaches in the world by several websites and specialized magazines -, luxurious accommodations, haute cuisine, sensational bays, palm trees surrounded by the turquoise ocean and a lot of tranquility and privacy. This scenario is, of course, what attracts most travelers in search of perfect sunny days to swim and dive in the stunning coral reefs or practice any other adventure sport. The island also has options for glass bottom boats and unmissable trips to the neighboring islands of St. Maarten, St. Martin and St. Barthelemy. A stronghold of reggae, Anguilla hosts Bankie Banx's MoonSplash festival in March.


Generate massive awareness among Brazilian tourists and influencers, in addition to engage with the Brazilian public on social media. We also aimed at spontaneous media generation.


We took Cleo Pires, Caio Fischer and Jorge Grimberg - strategic digital influencers - for a five-day trip in Anguilla and provided them the best luxury experience on the island. They were free to spontaneously post to their Instagram profiles in order to have more credibility with their followers. We indicated the tags and hashtags of the partners involved and the result was a program on YouTube about the influencers experience in Anguilla.


Posts: 33
Likes: 1,491,043
Reviews: 8,997
Estimated value of spontaneous media: $ 422,656

4 videos
+1.6 million views

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