With a reputation as a luxury destination, Dubai needed brand management to be perceived as an accessible destination for the final consumer during the Dubai Shopping Festival.


We chose branded content combined with digital video to generate awareness and engagement and selected the multi-platform lifestyle bloggers “Garotas Estúpidas” for the action. The fashion program led by the two influencers travels around the world, sharing their routine and presenting fashion shows, as well as the local culture, lifestyle and tourism.

We produced a reality show with four episodes, promoting an affordable Dubai and its main attractions. The fashion influencers Camila Coutinho (@camilacoutinhooo) and Victoria Ceridono (@vicceridono) shared content on their personal channels. Amplification of RP gave us even greater spontaneous coverage.

Camila Coutinho and Victoria Ceridono are among the main digital influencers of lifestyle and fashion in Brazil. Together, they have more than 3 million followers on Instagram.


Social media: 95 posts and 1 million engagements
Own websites: 12 posts and 7 million pageviews
PR amplification: In addition to spontaneous media, influencers also did a photo shoot in the desert

Assinatura Smart

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