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Las Vegas is known as the entertainment capital of the world, with a variety of great productions, original Broadway shows and Cirque du Soleil shows, not to mention the resident artists of the caliber of Aerosmith and Lady Gaga and the lively nightlife with DJs like Armin van Buuren and Steve Aoki. All of this involved in a vibrant atmosphere, with hotels that in themselves are already an attraction: majestic and bright, bring much more than just lodging. The city is also known as a gastronomic destination, with restaurants awarded with Michelin Guide, AAA Diamond and Forbes certifications. Another great attraction of the place are the several shopping centers and outlets located on and around the Strip.


We wanted to raise awareness of Las Vegas as an attractive year-round destination for travelers from Latin America, China and Korea, as well as presenting Las Vegas experiences to enhance the destination's appeal.


We partnered with Aeromexico and KoreanAir to receive more than 100 of the top tour operators from ten countries in Latin America, China and Korea and drop them off to Las Vegas.

An opportunity for these players to network, conduct business and try out products and offers from the destination. The program included different activity formats, such as an opening ceremony (Maverick Helicopters); a ‘treasure hunt’ (Scavenger Hunt, gift from several partners); Business roundtable; day of attractions, with tours in Boulder City, Exotics Racing and reception at the Fashion Show; and free day, with optional excursions. This innovative format was very successful according to all participants.


We invited Panrotas - the main publication for the travel trade in Brazil - to join the Reverse Mission.
3-page article in printed media
5 articles online
Total media value: $ 81,384
Circulation (printed newspaper): 5,100
Reach: 435,000

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