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NYC & Company is the official agency for marketing and tourism in New York City. Its main mission is to maximize travel and tourism opportunities across the five districts. With the launch of major initiatives and technology, such as and the Official NYC Information Center, NYC & Company becomes the main resource for visitors and residents to find everything they need about the Big Apple, one of the main destinations for Latin Americans abroad.


The South America Media Mission was organized for NYC & Company President and CEO Fred Dixon. The main objective was to launch the “We Are All Welcome” campaign. Due to the "Trump Effect", the action aimed to reinforce the message that the city is open to host everyone, regardless of race, religion or origin. We met with the local press in Argentina, Brazil and Chile for a press conference and individual interviews with the main media in each country. Danielle Roman, CEO of the Interamerican Network, followed the mission in all countries and the local team helped with the organization, mailing, site selection, RSVP and other details.

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