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WOW - World of Wine Portugal

Press Trip

In January 2022, Interamerican Network conducted a press trip for client WOW Porto, based in Portugal. WOW is the new cultural district of Vila Nova de Gaia, Porto region, in the North of Portugal. It consists of seven museums, 12 restaurants, bars or cafes, shops, a wine school, a space for temporary exhibitions and a chocolate factory.


Interamerican selected six tier 1 media outlets from Brazil for this action: CNN Brazil (2.5M UMV), Folha de São Paulo (690K UMV), MSN Brazil (1.6B UMV), UOL (379M UMV), Catraca Livre (1.2M UMV) and iG (51.9M UMV). The group, escorted by an agency representative and by the client, spent four days visiting the new attraction. All the articles generated were extremely positive.

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